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March 12 Guild Meeting
- 11, 2018 6:21 pm
Quilt Club will meet in the Odessa Museum Barn Work Room 7 pm, Monday March 12th, to get details of the Block Exchange. Debbie B. and Lise O. will have the details, how many are participating/number of blocks to make each time and some guidance instruction to get us started. If you haven't signed up to participate and want to be included, you need to get in touch with either Debbie or Lise ASAP

The work schedule for Quilt Til You Wilt will be available for signups and checking your duties. If you have not yet registed for Quilt Til You Wilt, please call Laura E. at 509 982 2908. Don't just assume we know you are coming.

Afternoon Quilt Club will be working on assembling the Pre-Registation packets.

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