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Preliminary Quilt Show Report
- 8, 2018 4:09 am
All information is not in yet, but we can say the 2018 Quilt Show was a success.

A few details from the May business meeting to bring to your attension.

PLEASE, please get all charge slips for Quilt Club items to Charlene K. We want to keep our bills paid up. Additionally, the charge slip helps her know what project to assign the expense to. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

There are several committees that need to be formed by our June meeting:
Special Quilts, we need to get one planned incase we get a request for a fundraiser. A group of 2-3 would be ideal for this committee.
Nominating Committee: Elections are in October,. A committee of 2 would be nice.
Christmas Dinner Party: Select site, menu, decorations. A committee of 3 would be ideal.
Speaking of Christmas, a reminder, the quilt challenge for the Christmas party is "Scandinavian".

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