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Fronen Steppdecker, the Odessa Quilt Club got started in the year leading up to the State Centennial 1986. The quilters had so much fun working together, they looked around for another project and discovered the pool renovation at the time needed a local fundraiser to prove community interest when writing for a grant, so we made a Dresden plate style quilt for the project committee to raffle.

From there, the group decided we should apply for a non-profit status. In 1993, the first quilt show was held, in the basement of Heritage Church. We worried we wouldn't have enough quilts to fill the space, but insteady, had to place a number of quilts in the entry area up stairs. Next we moved to the Community Center and after several years, moved to the High School Gym, the largest space available in town. 

Over the years we have added other quilt activities, including an Annual Quilters Tea/Chinese Auction in February, Quilt Til You Wilt, day-retreat in March and Vintage Textile Display in St Matthew's Museum Church during Deutschesfest, third weekend in September. All of our activities aim to educate people in quilt making, quilt preservation and appreciation, by offering workshop, classes and displays.

Membership is open to all. There are no dues. attend once as a visitor, and the second time within a year, makes you a member.

Business meetings are the first monday of each month at 7 pm in the Odessa Museum Barn. Day meetings are at 1 pm each Monday to work on quilt club projects. Third Monday evening meetings are Demo Night, with a different quilting technique being presented each time.

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