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Deutschesfest Vintage Quilt Display Setup
- 9, 2018 10:43 am
 Vintage Quilt Display Setup, Monday, September 10th, 7 pm at St. Matthew's Museum Church. We have a vast collection of Velma Provost's family quilts to display. We also need to rebundle the quilt frames, so bring any extra help you can muster, we need to make the basement area tidy. Good News: Doris Evans and the German's from Russia Geneology group will be there this year.

Quilt Retreat, October 14th - 18th at Palouse Divide Lodge. Please get your deposit and/or intension to attend to Charlene K. We need to give them a head count soon. Cost is $300

FYI from PJ at The Crazy Quilter, Lind: Cat-I-tude Fabric Group is in and available only to the October 26-28 Cat-t-tude Retreat participants. If you are participating in this retreat, you can get your fabrics now.

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