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Fun With Color
- 18, 2019 11:22 am
Fun With Color
Color Exercise. Pictured are the results of the hands-on group exercise in working with color. Working together, those in attendance selected swatches from the guild fabric stash, matching the many shades and tones found in the picture to the left in the photo.

You can have fun doing this with your own stash. Select any picture you like, a photogragh, picture from a magazine and examine closely, matching shades to fabrics in your stash. Cut 2 inch squares and arrange in gradations in a sketch book.

This Demo/exercise was to help all in gathering fabrics for the planned Brown Bag Exchange, scheduled to begin August 5th at the Annual Picnic. If you would like a copy of the guidelines for the Exchange, email us a request and we will email them to you, or you may pick up a copy at Experience Quilts! in Odessa.

We also learned about using the color dots in the selvage of many fabrics. These are a helpful guide in matching additional fabrics to a focus fabric.

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